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Frontline Plus. Easy, Effective & Economical

If your pet has fleas, then there will also be fleas present in their living environment.

To eliminate the flea problem for your pet, and to prevent re-infestation with fleas, the flea products you use need to not only address the fleas on your pet, but also, the flea life stages living in the pets' home environment as well.

Frontline Plus controls fleas and breaks the cycle of flea infestation, both on your pet and in the living environment. It contains two main ingredients, and combined, these protect pets from flea infestation.

One ingredient directly attacks adult fleas and ticks. The other ingredient is an insect-growth regulator - it inhibits growth of flea eggs or flea larvae and stops them developing into adult fleas, preventing re-infestation of your pet and home, and breaking the flea life cycle.

Frontline Plus is:

  • EASY: It is simply applied by taking the lid off the small pre-measured dose tube, and then placing the small amount of liquid on the skin at the back of the pets' neck.
  • EFFECTIVE: It is fast acting and long lasting. On cats and dogs, it kills adult fleas within 12 hours of being applied, and the single dose continues to act for at least 1 month. On dogs, it acts on adult ticks within 48 hours of being applied, and continues to act for 2 weeks. The dose applied to the skin is waterproof, so your pet can continue to swim and bathe, throughout the month.
  • ECONOMICAL: Frontline Plus 6 packs are perfect for multi-pet households, with pets of the same size, different size, dogs and cats all catered for in the Frontline Plus range.
Please note: Any information we provide is general information only, for professional advice please seek a veterinarian.