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The Fidos range of shampoos, conditioners, rinses, coat sprays and spritzers includes something for every pet. It includes a choice of daily grooming products that will leave your pet looking, smelling and feeling great!

Designed specifically for use on both cats and dogs, these ph balanced, soap free formulas, include added high quality extracts and oils from plant origins such as: macadamia nut, chamomile, coconut, aloe vera, lemon balm, rosemary, sage, wild thyme, orange and grapefruit - just to name a few. The formulas are gentle and mild, cleaning the coat without removing the natural protective oils from the pets' skin, leaving the coat clean, silky and moisturised. The range is pleasantly perfumed with subtle aromas that will not overwhelm the home, so they are perfect for both indoor and outdoor pets.

There are also specialised products in the daily grooming range that will add brightness to light coloured coats or shine to dark coats, and there is a specific sensitive hypoallergenic formula for bathing young puppies and kittens. The shampoos and conditioners are quick and easy to use - simply wet the coat, apply and lather, then rinse.

The leave in herbal rinse concentrate is a fast and convenient way to bath your pet - just make up the volume of rinse required, apply it to the coat, and then allow the pet to dry. The range of coat sprays and spritzers can be used on the coat after bathing or in between baths. They will condition and detangle the coat for brushing, and add lustre and fresh mild scent.

Fidos shampoos, conditioners, rinses, coat sprays and spritzers are available in a range of bottle sizes to suit single pet or multi pet families, and frequent and infrequent bathers. They deliver high quality grooming care for pets, without the high price tag.


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Please note: Any information we provide is general information only, for professional advice please seek a veterinarian.