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Dental Health Month

Doggy Dental Essentials
Pet owners do their very best to provide their pets with the correct nutrition, exercise and health care. There is an important pet health care issue that is often missed, because it can be hidden away behind an adorable furry face. It is the issue of oral health, your pet's teeth and gums.

Just as it is in humans, the condition of your pet's teeth and gums is a major influence on the overall health of your pet. Addressing your pet's oral health care is achieved through a combination of providing correct diet, treats, supplements and grooming, as well as a regular pet oral exam by your vet.

Tooth brushing is the most well known option for daily dental care, but there are also a number of other great options, which if used in conjunction, will help you provide daily dental care for your pet.

Tooth Brushing
Cleaning with a toothbrush will provide gold standard results for dental care. Using pet toothbrushes and pastes, designed specifically for your pet, on a daily basis will reduce the incidence of dental disease by up to 90%.

Dental Treats
Giving you pet specialty dental treats is a tasty and enjoyable way for you to provide your pet with daily dental care. The design and actions of dental treats vary depending on brand. Some may provide abrasive action inside the mouth, others contain active ingredients - both types are designed to help reduce plaque and tartar, and lower the risk of dental disease.

Dental Toys
These toys provide dental care by keeping your pet chewing and encouraging the action of saliva in the mouth - keeping those teeth chewing to keep them clean!

Water Additives and Gels
There are a variety of water additives and gels available which are also great at reducing the bacteria which is responsible for causing plaque.

Dental Care Foods
Vet recommended premium oral care nutrition is complete and balanced for an adult cat or dog and is specifically designed to assist in prevent plaque and tartar build up on the teeth. The shape and structure of the dental kibble aims to provide a cleaning effect as the pet chews. Some also contain enzymes to address plaque and tartar.

Please note: Any information we provide is general information only, for professional advice please seek a veterinarian.