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Are you filling your pet's bowl at meal times, relying on the assumption a cup full will match their energy needs? Are your giving your pet a constant flow of food throughout the day? You could be doing your pet more harm than good.

Overfeeding a pet can lead to some hefty health problems long term, such as obesity, a common health problem for our canine and feline friends. However, a pet's obesity can sometimes be avoided just by having a quick chat with your local vet or food retailer for a feeding recommendation.

Common misconceptions:

Myth - A little bit extra won't hurt.

Fact - Every little bit counts and scooping out that little bit extra each day could slowly lead to your pet's obesity.

Myth - If I feed my dog the recommended food intake indicated on the package, they will be ok.

Fact - Use the guide on the back of your chosen food. It is a good start to help regulate your dog's food intake. Remember to feed them based on the recommended amount for their ideal weight. If you don't know what your dog's weight is, take them to the vet for a weigh in.
Myth - I can leave food out all day for my dog so they can eat when they feel hungry.

Fact - Most dogs don't self-regulate their food intake and will overeat if food is continuously available to them.

Please consult your vet if you are concerned about your dog's weight and they will establish a management protocol tailored to your dog's needs.

Please note: Any product information we provide is general information only, for professional advice please seek a veterinarian