Keeping Your Cats Urinary Tract Healthy

Feline Urinary Health

Did you know cats can get urinary tract infections?

Cats sleep on average 15 hours and some even up to 20 hours a day! Wouldn't that be the life? But unfortunately while cats are doing all this sleeping they may not be drinking enough water or going to the toilet regularly. The incorrect balance of activity, nutrition and water intake can have an impact on their health including urinary tract health. This could lead to issues including Urinary Tract Infections and bladder crystals.

Signs of poor urinary tract health 

  • Not drinking much water
  • Refusing to use the litter tray
  • Urinating frequently in very small amounts
  • Excessive Grooming of genital area
  • Blood in urine
  • Meowing more than usual
  • Discomfort when petted

Urinary Tract Health Support

  • Water - Ensure your cat always has access to clean fresh water. If they still do not appear to be drinking much water you might consider trying a Drinkwell Pet Fountain as the running water entices cats to drink.
  • Litter - Cats require at least 1 litter tray per cat plus 1 extra. Keep their litter trays clean, as cats prefer to go to the toilet in a clean litter tray (remove any soiled litter at least once a day).
  • Activity - Keep your cat active by playing with them on a daily basis. Using toys they can chase and catch will stimulate them and satisfy their natural hunting instinct. 
  • Diet - Feeding your cat a high quality, premium cat food can help prevent health issues such as urinary tract infections. There are also diets designed specifically to aid in urinary tract health such as - ProPlan Feline Urinary Tract Health.

If your cat is displaying any symptoms you are concerned about, please visit your vet.

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