What Toys Are Best For Your Cat?


Do you have a cat? If so, you know that they love to play! Toys can help keep your cat entertained,healthy and active. With so many choices on the market, it can be tough to decide which toys are right for your feline friend. That's where this guide comes in! We'll walk you through the different types of cat toys available, and help you choose the perfect ones for your cat.


Why Are Toys So Important For Your Cat?

Cats are naturally playful animals, and they need stimulation and exercise to stay healthy. Toys help fulfill these needs by providing your cat with a fun way to get moving. They can also help keep your cat mentally stimulated, which is important for preventing boredom and the development of destructive behavioural problems.

An example of this is when your cat  scratches things around the house. Having lots of toys will help prevent these types of behaviours as you can direct their attention in the right direction. It also helps them maintain a healthy weight, which can be tough with cats as they often spend a lot of the day sleeping.


Why It's Crucial To Have Toys For Your Indoor Cat

It's especially important to have stimulating cat toys for indoor cats. Cats that go outside get to interact with nature, chase leaves and explore all the exciting smells. They may socialise with other cats and they have a lot of space to roam around, helping them  get plenty of exercise.

Indoor cats, on the other hand, do not have this stimulation and opportunity to exercise, so they need plenty of cat toys to keep them occupied and maintain good health. The best indoor cat toys will help them flex their mind as well as their physical muscles. Remember, cats are very intelligent creatures and if they are stuck inside all day with no company and nothing to activate their brains, they can easily become very stressed and bored. Toys for indoor cats will prevent this from happening.


What You Should Avoid In A Cat Toy

Some cat toys are dangerous and should be avoided. Toys that have small, removable parts can be swallowed by cats and can cause serious health problems. So, look for toys that have ears and eyes sewn into them instead of using small buttons, for example.

Be careful with toys that have long pieces of ribbon or yarn because your cat can get tangled up in them. It's best to only let your cat play with these things when you are home and you can watch them.

Wood and hard plastics should be avoided at all costs because they can easily splinter and harm your cat. These splinters could go unnoticed for a while, causing your poor cat a lot of unnecessary pain.

Finally, be cautious about any very brightly coloured toys because they often use a strong chemical dye to achieve the colour. You can usually tell by the smell, but it's best to stick with more neutral colours.


The Different Types Of Cat Toys

There are many different types of cat toys to choose from:


Catnip is a herb that nearly allcats go crazy for. It's non-toxic and harmless to cats, but it makes them feel euphoric and playful. So, if you want to get your kitty really excited, try some catnip, like the KONG Naturals Premium Catnip, for example.

Squeaker toys

Squeaker toys are a classic choice for cats and they never seem to get old. The sound of the squeaker excites cats and makes them want to play more. Plus, it's really fun to watch your cat try to catch that little noise maker! Just make sure to buy a good quality toy that is not easily ripped apart because the squeaker can be a choking hazard.

Wands & Teasers

Wands and teasers are great for getting your cat's hunting instincts going. They simulate the chase of prey, which cats love. The best ones, like the KONG Connects Window Teaser Toy, have a long stick with a little toy or feather on the end that dangles in front of your cat's face, enticing them to swat at it. These are one of the best stimulating cat toys for indoor cats to keep them active while you are out of the house.  When you are home your can use a want toy to play with your cat - something you can both look forward to.


Cats love balls just as much as dogs and balls are a great way to get your cat moving and chasing something. They come in all shapes and sizes, like the Catit Motion Sensor Balls. These balls have a great motion-activated light inside them so your cat will get endless hours of fun chasing them. They're compatible with the Catit Speed Circuit but can be used on their own too. Balls are simple but effective cat toys to keep them occupied when they are home alone.

Interactive Toys

Interactive toys are a great way to keep your cat entertained for hours on end. These types of toys have a built-in game that challenges your cat's intelligence and hunting skills. They're perfect for cats who get bored easily because they provide new tasks and problems to solve every time they play. Often, these kinds of toys use food as a way to get the cat excited about the puzzle. For example, the KONG Active Treat Ball is a simple toy with a small hole where you can put treats. Your cat then has to knock it around and work out how to get them out.

Soft toys

Soft toys are a great choice for cats who like to snuggle. They provide comfort and companionship, which is especially important for indoor cats. The best soft toys are made from high-quality materials that will not easily tear or rip. Plus, they should be machine-washable so you can keep them clean. One of our favourites is the Duckie Toy, which comes with a refillable catnip pouch to make your cat love it even more!

Scratcher toys

These are one of the best types of cat toys that you can add to your home.  They are very important, especially for indoor cats. Scratching is a normal instinctive cat behaviour.  Cats use scratching  to express stress and excitement, mark their territory and keep their claws in top shape. Scratchers provide the perfect surface for your cat to follow their instincts and save your furniture! Whether your cat prefers the vertical option like the Kazoo cat scratching post or something designed for a luxury horizontal experience like the Minx Infinity Cat Scratcher Lounging Bed - we have a great range to choose from.


Wrap Up

So, now you know a bit more about the different types of cat toys and what to look for when buying them. Remember, it's important to buy good quality toys that are safe and stimulating for your cat. Cat play will vary from cat to cat - so start with a few different toys to see the type of toy that your cat enjoys the most.  TIP: Rotate the toys on offer to provide extra variety for your cat. With so many great options available here, there is sure to be something perfect for your feline friend!